Why Remodel your Bathroom?

Written by Platinum Refinishing's Admin on November 4, 2013. Posted in Articles

People often ask us why they should remodel their bathroom. Bathrooms are often overlooked when remodeling a home, and we have numbered a few reasons why you should really consider a Bathroom Remodel:

Beauty: Remodeling your bathroom can shine your house from a lump of coal to a beautiful diamond ring! Having a beautiful remodeled bathroom will show your guests the dedication and love for your home that they’ll be envious of you and ask you where you had it done. Don’t worry! We’ll let you take credit for our beautiful handy work.

Financial: Studies show that homes with recent remodeling done to it, whether it’s the kitchen, porch or, of course, your bathroom, will increase the value of the home as high as 5, 10 or even 20 percent! Recent bathroom renovation notifies homebuyers that they’re seeing an ongoing investment in the home and they’re more compelled to make the decision towards living there.

Senses: Your bathroom may not have been remodeled or looked at in over twenty or so years, so maybe it’s time to rid your restroom of mold, mildew, and other damages. Maybe the hinges of the medicine cabinet are loose/rusty? We can build you a new one! Our technicians are skilled carpenters as well and we’ll carve the most beautiful arrangements for your remodeling needs.

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