How Much Does It Costs to Refinish My Bathtub?

Written by Platinum Refinishing's Admin on November 4, 2013. Posted in Articles

Bathtub refinishing is an incredibly cost effective bathroom makeover option.

If your bathtub is damaged, worn out, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to completely remodel your bathroom, just have your tub refinished. Platinum Refinishing provides the highest quality bathtub and shower refinishing, right in your home and in a fraction of the time it would take to remodel your bathroom. Unlike bathtub liners, refinishing does not reduce the size of your tub and will not scratch or dull over time. We use specialty coatings ranging from basic white to custom colors and textures.

Platinum Refinishing doesn’t stop at the tub, we also offer ceramic tile and countertop refinishing in matching or coordinating colors and textures. Refinishing is a quicker, cleaner, more economical process than removing and replacing the old tile and countertops.

Ease health concerns with 100% non-porous acrylic. Porcelain tubs have millions of tiny pores where dirt, germs and bacteria can hide from your scrubbing – 250,000 bacteria per square inch in some cases. These pores are also why your tub doesn’t look completely clean even after cleaning.

Refinishing your bathroom with Platinum Refinishing is also a way to be green, with no demolition of the original tub or shower base you reduce your carbon foot print by saving the energy that would have been used for making traditional cast iron and porcelain tubs as well as eliminating sending the old bathtub, shower base and ceramic tile to the landfill.

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